Wedding Terms and Conditions

Wedding Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions have been set out to ensure all guests enjoy a safe and relaxing time whilst visiting Riverspa Apartments. Please read the information carefully as it contains important information outlined as General, or Specific Terms and Conditions for Corporate Retreats or Events at Riverspa Apartments.

For the purpose of the Venue Hire Agreement’s terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
‘Venue’ means any and all components of Riverspa Apartments complex.
’Hirer’ means the person, people or company hiring the apartments and grounds of Riverspa Apartments venue.
‘Event/Retreat’ means any event hosted at Riverspa Apartments that incorporates accommodation and activity held on the grounds of Riverspa Apartments venue.

General Terms & Conditions


Tentative bookings shall be held for 5 business days.
In order to confirm a booking for the Venue and Accommodation Services, the Hirer agrees to the following payment terms:

FeesScheduled DateAmount Due
1st PaymentWithin 5 business days from the date of Hirer’s
tentative booking.
In addition to payment of this initial
non-refundable deposit, confirmation of the
Venue Services will be subject to Hirer
returning a signed copy of the Booking Form
and Terms and Conditions.
$1500 Deposit/Bond
2nd PaymentNo later than six (6) months prior to the event50% of Venue Hire fee and 50% accommodation costs confirmed by 2nd payment due date
3rd PaymentNo later than two (2) months prior to the eventBalance of Venue Hire fee and accommodation costs confirmed by 3rd payment due date

Preparation services/venue availability will not be provided without all payment being received

The Hirer may request in writing a payment plan for monthly transfers to the Venue, this to be confirmed by the Venue Managers. All fees of venue hire, accommodation and any other agreed to fees, ar to be paid in full, no later than two (2) months prior to the event date.

All payments relating to the Hirer Event can be transferred to the Venue’s Bank account. The Hirer is to Reference all payments with their Surname/Business name and date of Event.


Account Name: Riverspa Apartments
Account Number: 27607 7105
BSB: 083629
Bank: National Australia Bank

The Hirer’s credit card details are required as a guarantee of payment for all Venue and/or Accommodation fees or any incidental/outstanding charges at the conclusion of the event/retreat. Should any fees not be paid within 5 business days of the event’s conclusion, the Venue reserves the right to charge the credit card provided by the Hirer.

If deposits/bonds/payments are being made by bank transfer, credit card details are still required as a guarantee of payment.
Please note a surcharge of 1% will be applied to all credit card transactions.
Please complete your Credit Card details and return to the Events Department on



  • The Hirer’s event/retreat must be conducted in an orderly and lawful manner.
  • The Hirer acknowledges on its own behalf and on behalf of its servants, agents, subcontractors and invitees that the Venue is not responsible for any loss or damage to any equipment, merchandise or other personal property left at the Venue before, during or after the event.
  • If the Hirer desires to make its own security arrangements for the proposed function, then such arrangements should be discussed and coordinated in advance with the Venue Event team.
  • Any security personnel retained by the Hirer must be at its own expense and from a licensed security company that meets the minimum standards established by the Venue including insurance and indemnification requirements, and at all times remains subject to the Venue’s advance approval.
  • If the Venue, in its reasonable judgment, is of the view that the function or Hirer’s guests or invitees may jeopardize the smooth operation of the Venue’s business, its security or reputation, the Venue reserves the right to remove any disruptive individuals or cancel the function if necessary.
  • The Venue practices principles of responsible service of alcohol. Intoxicated persons will not be served alcohol and may be removed from the premises.

It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.


Venue Cancellation

If any act of God such as earthquakes, fire, floods, airline disputes, a pandemic (such as Covid-19), acts of terrorism or civil disturbance prevents the Venue from carrying out its obligations under the Terms and Conditions and Booking Form, then the Venue may terminate the booking upon written notice without liability for any non-performance of its obligations therein, and the Venue shall refund all Charges, including the initial deposit received.

Hirer Cancellation

Should the Hirer purport to cancel the event booking by written notice on the basis that a force majeure event has occurred, and the Venue in its reasonable judgment accepts the cancellation on that basis, then the Hirer may terminate the Customer Agreement forthwith and all Venue and Accommodation Charges paid to the Venue will be refunded except for the initial deposit.


The Hirer may cancel their booking, venue and/or accommodation, at any time, however please note that cancellation fees will occur should the hirer cancel the booking within 120 days of the event/retreat arrival date.
a) Cancellations of bookings/events due to weather shall still be subject to this cancellation policy.
b) Cancellations stating its reasons must be received in writing by the Hirer and will be responded to in writing by Riverspa Apartments, prior to any applicable refund is made available.
c) No refund of the Deposit/Bond will be made available.
d) If any form of third-party services booked by the Venue on behalf of the Hirer are cancelled, the Hirer will be responsible for, and shall timely settle, any applicable charges, fees or penalties.
e) The following charges are applicable for cancellations of the event/retreat in its entirety for reasons whatsoever, subject to the provision on Force Majeure.

Number of Days Prior to the Scheduled Arrival DateCancellation Charges
121+ days or more prior to the
Venue will refund all paid Venue Hire fees and
accommodation costs confirmed prior to cancellation date
120 days or more prior to the
Venue will retain 30% of Venue Hire fees and 30% of
accommodation costs confirmed prior to cancellation date
61 - 119 days prior to the
Venue will retain 50% of Venue Hire fees and 50%
accommodation costs confirmed prior to cancellation date
60 days or less prior to the
Venue will retain 100% of Venue Hire fees and 100%
accommodation costs confirmed prior to cancellation date

Should the Hirer cancel their event and accommodation booking, the Venue will undertake their best efforts to resell the Hirer’s event date for an event and accommodation of similar fees. Any fees recovered via a new Hirer will be waivered to the previous Hirer’s Cancellation costs payable, (excluding the Deposit/Bond fee)1 .

Under the circumstances of Force Majeure, the Venue may encourage the Hirer to postpone their event and may waive any postponement fees.
Should the Hirer postpone their event in its entirety, a postponement fee will be determined based on length of notice given from the event’s arrival date and in relation to the cancellation policy above.
1 – refers to Deposit/Bond of $1500

The Venue waivers responsibility for:
Any items that have not been collected after the event/retreat will be disposed of within seven (7) days.
Theft, damage or loss of any goods brought onto the Venue premises.
Any introduction of food and beverage brought onto the Venue premises and the effect of thereafter.

The Hirer is responsible for all loss and damage to the Venue property (including any fixtures, furnishings or goods on or off the premises) caused by or arising from any act or omission by the Hirer, Hirer’s guests or any other persons attending the Hirer’s event/retreat.
No items are to be attached, pinned or glued to the wall / surface of any area of the venue(s).
Any displays or signage must be approved by the Events Department prior to commencement date. Refer to the Payment Guarantee section in relation to payment of such loss or damage.

The Venue shall in no way be held responsible or accountable for any injury, death or loss of income caused to the Hirer, guests, any third parties or properties due to the hire of the venue or provided services by third parties.

The venue Apartments are 100% non-smoking, Butt containers are located on each Apartment Balcony. Please request notification of designated smoking areas on the outside grounds.

The Hirer agrees to the Venue, the use of imagery via photography/videography post the event and the Hirer’s personal release of same for the sole purpose of marketing the Venue for Events in a professional manner. Credits to be acknowledged where possible.

The wedding/event date will be held tentatively for five (5) business days, from verbal request of booking by the Hirer.
To confirm the booking, a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions, Deposit Payment, Credit Card Details and Booking Form are required from the Hirer within same five (5) business day period as above.
If these conditions are not met within the time period outlined, the event date will be released, and the Hirer’s tentative booking may be cancelled. Exceptions and extensions may apply at management’s discretion. Once documentation and payment are received, the Venue will raise an invoice and be provided to the Hirer, outlining agreed payment terms of balance. Refer to Payment Terms.

The exclusive use Venue Hire Fee for an entire weekend (approximately Thursday to Sunday) is $3500 (Inc. GST). The fee provides the Hirer access the day prior and post the event, with specific times negotiated with management.

The Venue accommodation includes 12 rooms (sleeping up to 24 guests – twin share). The Hirer is required to book and pay for all onsite accommodation to achieve exclusive use of the Venue.
The Hirer can arrange for their guests to reimburse for accommodation fees.
The Venue requires the 3 Riverfront apartments (accommodating up to 4 guests in each) be booked from the day of equipment hire (marquee) arrival, usually 2 days prior to the wedding/event.
The accommodation fee for all Riverfront Apartments is a total of $3780 for 3 nights.
The remaining 2 apartments (accommodating 6 guests in each) require a minimum 2 night stay at a total cost of $2250.
Confirmation of equipment arrival and the Hirer’s length of stay must be made with Venue Management. The hirer is responsible to obtain full payment for accommodation and forward to the Venue, based on the agreed payment terms.

A $1500 deposit/bond is required within five (5) business days of tentative booking. The deposit/bond is to be paid with required documentation before the booking is guaranteed.
The Venue reserves the right to request a deposit/security bond for the purpose of protecting the property from any damage or loss. The Hirer shall protect the venue as reasonable as possible.
Upon inspection post event, if any damage or loss to the property is noted the Hirer will be charged at full repair/replacement cost and the cost will be deducted from the deposit/bond amount. If the costs exceed the value of the deposit/security bond, additional payment will be taken from the nominated credit card provided by the Hirer.
If no damage or loss to the property is noted upon inspection, the $1500 deposit/security bond will be refunded to the Hirer within five (5) business days.

The Venue staff will guide and advise the Hirer during the preparation period of the event. The Hirer will be provided an extensive Venue Wedding Kit once confirmation of booking is received, including helpful hints and templates, and an extensive list of over 130 partners the Hirer can choose from to create the event dreams are made of.
The Hirer can choose to have a Riverspa team member for the entire event in the role of event assistant/MC liaison for only $500. Confirmation of this service is required two (2) weeks prior to the event date.
2 – refers to fees denoted. These fees are subject to change without notice to cover unforeseen price rises.

The Hirer is required to provide the Venue in writing 30 days prior to the event date, particulars and contact details of all suppliers including equipment hire, entertainment, technical requirements, set up and pack down starting and finishing times in connection with the event.
These details are required at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. A detail form is included in the Venue Wedding Kit.
The number of guests permissible is 160 (please contact the Venue if guest numbers exceed this).
The Hirer must ensure that all non-accommodated guests leave the Venue no later than 12.30am.

Where goods or services are supplied from an external supplier/partner, additional terms and conditions may apply, such as additional deposits, earlier confirmation of final numbers or cancellation fees. The Hirer is responsible for any conditions/fees that may apply in relation to the supplier’s terms and conditions.
The hirer is responsible to obtain from all external hire companies a current certificate of public liability. The hirer must provide these certificates to Venue management no later than seven (7) days prior to the event.
Event access for Hirer and/or hired equipment onto the Venue complex is a maximum of 48 hours prior to the event. Removal of hired equipment is to be completed within 48 hours after the event or by written agreement fourteen (14) days prior to the event with the Venue.
A plan for equipment placement must be approved by the Venue a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the event. Prior to access to the Venue, all suppliers must liaise with the Venue in all matters of delivery, set up and pack down either via the Hirer or directly with Venue management.

The Venue appreciates the Hirer’s assistance in reducing the event’s environment footprint by ensuring that your guests use biodegradable confetti materials, such as fresh gum leaves, lavender, rosemary or other herbs, wattle, fresh or dried flower petals and the like. Confetti and rice are not permitted.
The Venue requires the Hirer to remove from the grounds rubbish items including bottle tops, can pull tabs, cans, bottles and cigarette butts etc.
It is expected that the Hirer return the Venue in the condition in which it was hired.

All entertainers are required to perform sound checks under supervision of Venue staff no later than one hour prior to the event commencement. The Venue reserves the right to terminate any entertainment if this requirement has not been met, if the entertainment is deemed offensive or if the maximum decibel reading is exceeded.
All entertainment must cease by 12.00am.

Smoke machines, pyrotechnics and other special effects cannot be operated without prior authorisation from the Venue. A minimum of fourteen (14) days’ notice is required.

There is no additional parking at the Venue, excluding accommodated guests. A maximum of two (2) cars are permitted per Apartment.
All additional visitors must arrive and depart via other transportation, except for any agreed arrangement with the Venue’s Management when extreme circumstances can be validated for particular visitors. The Venue recommends the hiring of bus transportation for ease of moving large number of guests to the Venue.
The Venue requires bus transportation for collection of guests in the designated reception area, at the cost of the Hirer. The Hirer is to obtain the bus driver’s mobile contact to liaise with the Venue staff prior to and during the course of the event.

Management reserves the right to change pricing and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Whilst every effort is made to maintain prices as printed or quoted, these may be subject to increase without notice to cover unforeseen price rises.

If the Hirer’s event date is changed for any reason, new quoted prices may apply.

Please read the Venue Hire Agreement Terms & Conditions carefully.
If the Hirer does not understand any of the terms & conditions or has any questions, please discuss them with Venue Management via email:
In paying the booking deposit, the Venue Hire Agreement Terms & Conditions are binding upon the Hirer.


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