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Booking your wedding at Riverspa gives you exclusive use of the entire Resort from Friday afternoon until late checkout Sunday 2pm and requires booking of our 12 apartment rooms. Invite your wedding party, family and friends to book and stay right at the venue with you!

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Check Riverspa Available Wedding /Event Dates

NOVEMBER 2019: Fully Booked.
DECEMBER 2019: Fully Booked.
JANUARY 2020: Fully Booked.
FEBRUARY 2020: Fully Booked.
MARCH 2020: Fully Booked.
APRIL 2020: Fully Booked.
MAY 2020: 2/05/20209/05/202016/05/202023/05/2020
JUNE 2020: 13/06/202020/06/202027/06/2020
JULY 2020: 4/07/202011/07/2020
AUGUST 2020:1/08/202015/08/202022/08/202029/08/2020
SEPTEMBER 2020:5/09/202012/09/202026/09/2020
OCTOBER 2020: Fully Booked.
NOVEMBER 2020: 14/11/2020 28/11/2020
DECEMBER 2020:5/12/2020
JANUARY 2021: Fully Booked.
FEBRUARY 2021: 6/02/202127/02/2021
MARCH 2021: 13/03/202120/03/202127/03/2021
APRIL 2021: 10/04/202117/04/2021
MAY 202011/05/20218/05/202115/05/202122/05/2021
JUNE 2021: 5/06/202119/06/202126/06/2021
JULY 2021: 3/07/202110/07/2021
AUGUST 2021:7/08/202114/08/202121/08/202128/08/2021
SEPTEMBER 20214/09/202111/09/202118/09/2021
OCTOBER 20212/10/20219/10/202116/10/202123/10/2021
NOVEMBER 20216/11/202113/11/202120/11/202127/11/2021
DECEMBER 20214/12/202111/12/202118/12/2021

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